American Combat Planes of the 20th Century is an incredible reference for anyone who is interested in any American Combat Plane History.   There are 758 pages and 1700 b/w photos in this substantial labor of love by Ray Wagner, who has been passionately researching and writing about aircraft for over 50 years.   Whether you are already familiar with his past works, or just discovering this accomplished author for the first time... This is the book that you've been waiting for!

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Index Page 23

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The following Index pages are from the contents of the book itself, not this website.



WP-3D, 599
Wright, Wilbur, 2
Wright airplanes, 2
   See also Curtiss airplanes; F2W; F3W; NW
Wright brothers, 658
Wright engines, 106
   See also E-2 engine; GR-1670; GR-2600 engine; H-2 engine; J-5 engine; J65; J67; K engine; P-1    engine; P-2 engine;
R-790; R-975; R-1454; R-1510; R-1670; R-1750; R-1820; R-2160; R-2600;    R-3350; SR-1820; T-2; T-3; T-35; V-1460; V-1560; V-1950 Wright-Hispano engines, 34, 53, 103, 117, 129, 132
   See also E-2 engine; H engine
WV-2 (Warning Star), 592

X designations. For experimental models beginning with X, see under next letter, e.g. XB-1A under B-1A.
X-1, 568, 571
X-15, 565
X24A fire control system, 628
X-32, 716
X-35, 716
X-35A, 716
X-35B, 717
X-100 engine, 199200, 200
X-602, 275
X-603, 276
X-608, 307
X-609, 314
X-1800 engine (H-2600), 341, 342, 343, 34445
X9165, 48
XI-1430 engine (XIV-1430), 341, 342, 343, 346, 356
XIV-2220 engine, 32829, 346
XV-770 engine (Ranger), 359

Y designations. For service test models beginning with Y, see under next letter, e.g. YB-9. Y1B-9 will therefore also appear under B-9.
Yak (Russian), 331, 332
Yarnell, Rear Adm. Henry, 89
Yeager, Maj. Charles, 545
Yom Kippur war, 667, 685
    North American airplanes for, 537, 548
    Republic airplanes for, 331
Yugoslavia conflict, 710

Zeppelins, 99
Zero (Japanese), 13, 276, 281, 293, 322, 463
Zeus, 198, 198

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